Writing BIG!

Ever wanted to write with the biggest alphabet in the Universe? Now you can with http://mygalaxies.co.uk/ and some Galaxy Zoo galaxies which randomly happen to have some very familiar shapes.

The site was created by Steven Bamford, and was just one of the many awesome things to come out of the Chicago Science Hack Day.

5 Comments on “Writing BIG!”

  1. […] to Galaxy Zoo we can all write in starlight using the biggest alphabet in the Universe. We Are All in the Gutter tells us how, and gives a great […]

  2. Krispian says:

    That is excellent!

  3. Nice … but sooo frustrating that “try a new combination of galaxies” is an all-or-nothing affair. Would be much better if we could selectively re-generate the letters we’re not happy with.

    I generated this by quoting the lyrics of this song. Seemed appropriate.

  4. Darwin Fir says:

    This looks like fun!

  5. James Drake says:

    This is surely a different kind of online time killer aside from all the other crazy things I do online. You can spend a few couple of minutes on this website. I want to use these lettering for when I have some kind of lecture regarding astronomy and the like. This can also be uses for making some inspiring quotes. Thanks so much for sharing this. I’m going to have fun with this website for awhile.

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