When astronomers get video cameras……

Last week I (along with 49 others) attended the 4th installment of the .astronomy conference. Part of the conference was a Hack Day where people went off and designed useful bits and bobs for astronomy. One example was the Zoonibot which is designed to monitor the Planet Hunters forum to help users with classifications have posted.

For the hack I was involved with we did a video. What better way to promote the science of astronomy than with in-jokes.

Also doing a video production were Amada and Nicole who made a response to the silly,  shallow and demeaning “Science it’s a a Girl Thing” video. As you can see there’s is a lot slicker than ours which indicates they actually know how to use iMovie properly.

Science: It’s Universal from amanda bauer on Vimeo.

And yes, I know the sound is only on one side.

2 Comments on “When astronomers get video cameras……”

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