We are 1!!!

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Wow how time flies! It’s been almost a year since this plucky band of degenerate astrophysicists decided that the internet had gone too far without their particular flavour of drivel and decided to start a blog.

Happy birthday weareallinthegutter! And congratulations on making it one entire circuit around the sun. This has been a particularly mobile year for us authors with Niall moving from Nijmegen to sunny Hawaii and Stuart moving from rainy Edinburgh to rainy Oxford. It’s been a fun year for us and an education in the way of the blogsphere. What have we learned? Well, firstly that people are really interested in things both hot and cold, with a puzzling amount of our traffic coming from posts about volcanoes and comets! All we need is nature to provide us with a comet/volcano collision and we may become more popular than lolcats!

Stuart even baked the blog a cake but it couldn't blow the candles out on account of it being a webpage with no lungs.

It’s interesting to see what drives people to our site. WordPress helpfully tells us what people google to find us… and it can make for interesting reading. We’re still unsure how we could be one of the results for “Aircraft in the trojan war” but hopefully we weren’t too much of a disappointment. “Volcano from space with evil face” was intriguing enough for us to google it ourselves; try an image search for it yourselves – it’s actually pretty scary!

One thing we don’t feel like we have been very good at is getting to know you guys. So if you have enjoyed the blog, are an occasional visitor, or even if you have hated it so much that you have declared yourself our offical arch nemesis (we don’t mind – everybody needs one), why not leave us a comment to let us know (roughly) who you are?

Well, here’s to a fun year which will hopefully be the first of many. Happy birthday weareallinthegutter

2 Comments on “We are 1!!!”

  1. mike says:

    I’m an astronomy/geology hobbyist with rudimentary college education in both areas, and I find your stuff to be hugely fascinating. Maybe have some sort of contest or weekly feature like Tom’s Astro blog (http://tomsastroblog.com) to encourage reader participation?

  2. Thony C. says:

    And what percentage of the total age of the universe is one earth year?

    Keep up the good work and happy anniversary 😉

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