How astronomers use Twitter…

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Yesterday Bruce Berriman left this comment on the AstroBetter blog:

I am interested in learning more about how astronomers use Twitter. Can someone give me some concrete examples of how people are actually use Twitter in their daily work? Thank you!
E-mail: gbb (at)

Well, Bruce I’m sure there are lots of sensible answers to this question, but if you happened to pass by Twitter this morning you’ll have seen just what astronomers get up to when they should be working! A brilliant #astromovies hashtag started by @adam_avison has been bringing out everyone’s creative side. @astronomyblog has collected together some of the best so far on his blog but new ones are coming every minute (recent good ones include: Spiral Galaxy Quest: @zemogle, Indecent HST Proposal: @dalebotha, emmission impossible: @astrologerthe, For Better or Voorwerps: @NGC3314). Now the US is waking up it’ll be interesting to see what they can come up with!