Underwater space

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I came across an amazing set of photographs today – the winners of two underwater photography competitions (Our World Under Water and Deep International Underwater) – and I couldn’t resist posting two of them here. Technically this is a bit of a departure from the usual topics around here but don’t you agree that there’s something otherworldly about this picture of a diver in a continental trench in Iceland?

Image credit: Magnus Lundgren/Barcroft Media

No excuses for this second picture though; there’s no way I can find an astronomy angle here! It’s just a perfectly timed and framed shot of a fish apparently about to have some dinner:

Image credit: Jose Alejandro Alvarez/Barcroft media

The Guardian website has put together a good slideshow of some of the other winners. Or, if you prefer, you can return to outer space with some beautiful astrophotography instead!