Underwater space

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I came across an amazing set of photographs today – the winners of two underwater photography competitions (Our World Under Water and Deep International Underwater) – and I couldn’t resist posting two of them here. Technically this is a bit of a departure from the usual topics around here but don’t you agree that there’s something otherworldly about this picture of a diver in a continental trench in Iceland?

Image credit: Magnus Lundgren/Barcroft Media

No excuses for this second picture though; there’s no way I can find an astronomy angle here! It’s just a perfectly timed and framed shot of a fish apparently about to have some dinner:

Image credit: Jose Alejandro Alvarez/Barcroft media

The Guardian website has put together a good slideshow of some of the other winners. Or, if you prefer, you can return to outer space with some beautiful astrophotography instead!

One Comment on “Underwater space”

  1. Linda Smith says:

    I agree and so would many of the millions of photographers out there, the ‘other worldliness’ of the images is what makes them so great. I prefer the ones where people are wearing normal daily clothes especially the loose fitting gowns that billow out, these create a ghostly image that would be difficult to acheive in normal situations where normal gravity exists. I’ve yet to see an image like this in space! Unless photoshop’d of course.

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