Arès: aliens welcome

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Back in 1976 Arès, a small town in France, decided to install the world’s first (and only) UFO landing strip or ovniport. This seems to have been done as a bit of a joke, especially given that they also exempted any potential visiting aliens from landing fees. They can also take part in local sports if they so wish. However, it’s turned out to be a bit of a tourist draw, though all the visitors have presumably been from this planet!

In case you’re wondering, this is what an alien spaceport looks like:

(picture via this French site)

I learnt about this in The Times on Saturday but I can’t link to it because the online version lurks behind the paywall. However, a bit of googling revealed that it was also covered by The Telegraph. It was in the news because last weekend Arès held a party on the landing strip to celebrate the installation of a new flying saucer sculpture, just in case any visiting extraterrestrials are unsure where to aim for. They’ve also put in landing lights. And a windsock.

The new flying saucer (soucoupe volante) touches down!

(picture via another Daily Telegraph)

I tried to find some out some more about this story but the majority of the information out there is (unsurprisingly) in French. I did manage to find the official programme for the festivities (there were molecular gastronomy demonstrations and a laser show) and also some photos from the day apparently featuring another alien. Now all the residents of Arès have to do is sit back and see if their new features attract any more!

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