Dictatorial scientists want us to marvel at their “magic”

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Here is my contribution to #spoofjenks in which science bloggers attempt to satirically emulate the style of Guardian columnist Simon Jenkins.

This weekend scientists were again attempting to “engage with society” by encouraging us to see a dark smudge on the moon. This shameless attempt to co-opt the populace at large is yet the latest shallow, empty publicity stunt from the “scientific community”.

I am the greatest fan of uncommon spectaculars in the natural world possible, but I am in no way enthralled by such relatively rare celestial occurrence. This astronomical gardyloo is an attempt to con the public into accepting the “value” of scientific research. But yet fate and geography this time saved me from being subjected to such vulgar special interest PR from Big Science. For luckily this event was only visible from the western hemisphere, yet the BBC saw fit to devote their scant resources to informing license fee payers of an event they could not even see. I am glad they could not as it would clearly have been as massive a disappointment as the solar eclipse visible from Cornwall in 1999. This was trumpeted by scientists for months in advance and yet when the crunch came it was cloudy and not visible to the gawping hordes convinced by the boffin controlled media machine. The “experts” of course claim they predicted the weather problems a few days in advance, yet they could predict the eclipse decades in advance. Perhaps they need to get their priorities right.

To compound matters scientists were claiming that in the Eastern United States the fact the eclipse would take place near the horizon would make the moon look bigger. They put this down to an “illusion”, typically for those ruled by empirical evidence attributing anything they cannot explain to “magic”. Many people think that the moon is actually made to look bigger by atmospheric magnification but, like Mao challenging the liberal bourgeoise during the Cultural Revolution, they belittle these views by claiming that simply by checking the size with a scale this can be disproved. One thing is for sure, I will not be jumping to the orders barked by these commissars of calibration in future.

2 Comments on “Dictatorial scientists want us to marvel at their “magic””

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  2. softestpawn says:

    Yeah yeah, next you ‘scientists’ will be telling us that the moon is really big and made of rocks or something.

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