Our Universe

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I’m not going to fulfil my pledge just yet, mainly because I haven’t been doing much science recently – instead I was asked to push hard on this (and it turned out that 1500 was much too optimistic, there was a lot more that needed done!). But I got something a little different for you today.

Quite a long time ago, myself and a few colleagues from the ICG decided we’d have a go at making a videocast, called Our Universe, aimed at not only telling people a little bit about our wonderful Universe but also at trying to somehow share what is like to be a researching Astronomer. So we had a go at a pilot episode.

In the meantime, it became clear that none of us has the time to take this any further and decided not to pursue the project. It would be a shame, however, if the pilot never saw the light of day – if only because so many wonderful people contributed their time and energy to talk to us. Unfortunately, much of the footage was being saved for future episodes so most people’s contributions are under-represented in the pilot. That is a shame on itself, but we are genuinely thankful to everyone who spoke to us, or gave us ideas, or feedback, or money. This pilot was fully funded by the ICG, but the views represented on this podcast are not necessarily those of the ICG.

So here it is, as an exclusive to weareallinthegutter:


2 Comments on “Our Universe”

  1. Ben P says:

    Well done Rita & team – enjoyed that!

  2. Karina says:


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