Sign up for Ada Lovelace Day!

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Quick post (and shameless plug) to try and get some more people to pledge to blog about the achievements of women in science and technology on 24th March – designated Ada Lovelace Day. Sign up at The organisers are aiming for 3072 pledgees; they currently have 1123 and there’s only two weeks to go hence the appeal!

Ada Lovelace, born in 1815, is widely credited as the first computer programmer (even though the ‘computer’ she wrote a program for – Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine – was never actually built). She was taught mathematics as a girl to combat any poetical tendencies she might have inherited from her father, the “mad, bad and dangerous to know” Lord Byron! Unfortunately she died when she was only 36 so she never got a chance to develop her ideas further. However, she lives on (and, alongside Babbage, fights crime) over at the wonderful 2D Goggles.

Find out more about the motivation behind Ada Lovelace Day here. Oh, and check back here on 24th March for my contribution!

Ada Lovelace

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