Merry Christmas Carnival

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Firstly, mustn’t forget to mention that the Carnival of Space has gone festive this week over at Cumbrian Sky.

Now, in the spirit of the season, I thought I’d bring you a Christmas star. Well, a Christmas star-forming region in the constellation of Aquila in fact – it’s one of the ‘wow’ pictures presented last week at the Herschel First Results Meeting in Spain (a place for all the astronomers working on the different Herschel projects to get together to show off their data!)

It’s a composite image, made up of data from both the PACS and SPIRE instruments. The fluffy-looking orange and red filaments are cool dust clouds, whilst the bluer areas show where the gas and dust has come together under gravity to make new stars.

Hang on, though. That’s a lovely picture, and the red and gold look very festive, but surely there’s some way of making it, well, more Christmassy…

Ahhh, that’s better 🙂

Just one more thing, don’t forget to track Father Christmas tonight over at NORAD (as I write this, he’s passing over Russia apparently)!

Hope you all have fun tomorrow whatever you’re doing and see you in the New Year.

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